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Latest Articles

Role of Robotics and Automation in Construction SectorOpen Access

Authors: Rakesh Kumar
Affiliation: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Elitte College of Engineering, Kolkata, India
Information: Received: October 25 2023 / Accepted: November 10 2023 / Published: February 25, 2024
Abstract:Construction is one of the major industries in the world. The construction industry is labor-intensive and performed in hazardous situations. Hence, the importance of Construction robots has developed rapidly. The research discovers the latest advances in robotics and sensor-based technologies that … more >>

A Survey and Research on the Employment Situation of College Graduates--Taking the Zoology Major of Southwest Forestry University as an ExampleOpen Access

Authors:Qing-Qing Li, Mo-Mo Li, Fen-Fen Chen, Li-Li Liu, Ya-Jing Yang, Ai-Wei Guo
Life Science College, Southwest Forestry University, Kunming 650224, Yunnan, China
Kunming Xianghao Technology Co. Ltd., Kunming 650204, Yunnan, China
School of Mathematics and Computer Science, Yunnan Nationalities University, Kunming 650031, Yunnan, China
Information:Received: January 25 2024 / Accepted: January 31 2024 / Published: February 5, 2024
Abstract:This article takes the 2021-2023 graduates of the Zoology major at Southwest Forestry University as an example. Firstly, a survey was conducted on the employment situation of college graduates, followed by an analysis of the current employment situation of college graduates. Then, the influencing fa… more >>

The Application of the Cultural Comparison Method in the Cultivation of Intercultural Communicative Competence in Junior Middle School English TeachingOpen Access

Authors: Sheng-Lan Du
Affiliation: School of Foreign Languages, Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Information: Received: October 8 2023 / Accepted: October 19, 2023 / Published: October 27, 2023
Abstract: Cultural comparison method in junior middle school English teaching is a very important teaching method, which can help students better understand and grasp the differences between different cultures. This paper explores the use of cultural comparison in English teaching at junior middle school lev… more >>

Principles and Strategies for Improving Intercultural Communication Competence of Senior High School English Students Under the Guidance of Core CompetenceOpen Access

Authors: Qing Zhou
Affiliation: School of foreign languages, Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu, China
Information: Received: October 8 2023 / Accepted: October 16, 2023 / Published: October 27, 2023
Abstract: Cultivating students’ intercultural communication competence conforms to the requirement of cultivating their core competence in terms of the New English curriculum standard for senior high school.This paper aims to analyze the principles and propose some effective strategies for improving the in… more >>

Exploration of Teaching Strategies for English Reading of Senior High School From the Perspective of Cross-cultural CommunicationOpen Access

Authors: Xiao-Qi Wu
Affiliation: Foreign Language Institute of Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Information: Received: October 10, 2023 / Accepted: October 20, 2023 / Published: October 27 2023
Abstract: Under the educational background of globalization, fostering students' cross-cultural communication awareness and abilities is of demand for talent cultivation. And cross-cultural communication is an significant topic in English reading teaching of senior high school. Owing to the current situation… more >>